• A cross platform CLI and GUI for the RCM BootRom exploit (Fusée Gelée exploit for Nintendo Switch). Project Website.

  • A CLI to provide a simple download and upload interface with a NextCloud server. Allows for easy file management on servers or just from the command line in general.

  • Inspired by the automatic key downloading featured in Ubuntu 20.04 installer, keysync was an attempt to make it a more functional CLI and Service. It allows automatic and manual retrieval from GitHub, GitLab, Launchpad.
    Probably overengineered for most use cases could be automated with simple cron job.

  • A Linux tray program to control various aspects of the Mircrosoft Surface Book 2. Built on top of Surface Control, this is basically a GUI wrapper.

  • A Spotify group queuing cross platform mobile to allows multiple people to control a playlist.
    Spotify has since integrated similar features into the official app.

  • The website you are currently looking at. It is made using Jekyll. and deployed on GitHub pages.

  • My old website that I created to display my portfolio. I also made it to learn Angular, Typescript, and web programming in general

  • Just a simple take on creating an extendable student dashboard. Just made it to learn React.

  • Super simple implementation of game of life written in C as displayed as TUI.

  • A Java program that uses the Neural Network below and the MNIST hand drawn digits dataset to train it. It can correctly identify numbers with ~90% accuacy from the test set and ~30% of the time if hand drawn. Digits can be drawn with help from Java Swing.

  • My attempt to create super basic neural network library. Written in Java as it was the only language I knew at the time. Based on Daniel Shiffman The Nature of Code

  • Basic genetic algorithm of dots trying to reach a goal. Uses P5js library to handle drawing to the screen.

  • My first Javascript program, just made a simple snake clone that wraps on the edges.